Comic Book Final Project




With my comic, I told the creation story of ancient Greece. The part of the story that I chose to illustrate is when the titans, lead by Cronus, are at war with Zeus and his siblings (Poseidon, Hera, Hades, Hestia, and Demeter). Zeus and his siblings go on to defeat the titans and rule over the Earth from on top of Mount Olympus. I started the comic with Zeus calling out his father Cronus to show the start of the epic war. The second page illustrates Zeus and his siblings teaming up to take down the other titans. and the Third page ends with Zeus and Cronus going after one another, with the last panel in the old Greek art style with the narration on how the war ended.

After reading Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud I understood that you don’t need a lot of detail just the core essentials. By that I mean that to show emotion you don’t need so much detail in the face as much just the basic emotion and build around it. I also learned that I can choose between how much time can pass between frames. So I chose to just go from cut scene to cut scene in the story.

My style I chose was basic looking characters with some detail and shading. I also chose to choose the a bright color scheme at first but ended up deciding to darken it up to help show how much darkness the war was going to bring to the world.

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