Character Canon

Character Bio:

Name: Trey Corex


Height: 5’8’’

weight: 160ib

Hair: black (streaks of white when using power)

eyes: blue (red when using power)

Back story:

When he was young Trey grew up with his little brother. Unfortunately they grew up with parents who would always fight with each other and also take out their frustrations on their kids. A majority of the time Trey would hide his little brother and take the beatings by himself. Dealing with this constant fighting as a kid he hates when people fight or yell in general because it opens up wounds from his past.

One night when Trey was 12 and his brother was 9, their father came home angrier than usual. Almost as if he was possessed. In the altercation their father killed their mother and then turned towards them. Protecting his brother, Trey went against his father single handedly. When his father was just about to kill Trey, his little brother came from behind and stabbed his father with a knife killing him but not before losing his own life in the process.

Witnessing his brothers sacrifice in person, Trey broke down into tears. Holding his brothers body in the rainy night a mysterious figure came up to him and put his fingers on Trey’s face saying quietly, “now you’re ready” Then a surge of power flowed through Trey’s body rendering him unconscious but also giving him his new found powers as well. Now Trey spends his days searching for the man who gave him this power and get revenge on him for taking his little brother away from him.

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