Silhouette Project
With Arun Fernando, Zack Sexton, Davon Smith

In this silhouette We created multiple situations happening at once. The main idea is that it was a video game that got out of control, with characters literally coming out of the TV. On the left side one of the characters is kicking an opponent through the side of the TV. On the right side of the TV we have the Gamer literally reaching in the game and pulling one of the characters out and the character’s opponent still on the ground is upset that he can’t fight anymore.

While creating this piece we wanted to create realistic characters in realistic motion (like flying through the air). To do this we we took pictures of each other in front of a green screen and cropped out our silhouettes. For the flying characters we posed on top of a chair to give the effect of a gravity defying move. When creating the piece we wanted to keep it balanced so we kept two characters on each side of the TV with one outside affect effecting them. By doing this we create a story for the viewer to follow and wonder what’s happening and why.

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