Origami Robot


My original idea for my robot was to make it look like a stereotypical looking robot like Wall-E almost. But through the process of making the origami pieces individually, it started to come to life on its own as something more. I used green and red because the colors contrast very well from one another and i used a third color of gold to help break it up. I wanted to make my robot as symmetrical as possible I had to make sure that I created shapes that divided evenly down the middle or create two of a kind to help maintain balance. After starting to create the robot it started to remind me of a samoan warrior, with that idea in mind I changed the design of the lower flower pot piece to the flowers to represent the cultural wardrobe better.

Back Story:

With a village (on a different planet) being attacked for years there needed to be something done to help protect them. So the village’s best warrior traveled to a far away land to help morph himself into the ultimate warrior he could be. He went through an experiment that gave him an artificial body that would stand superior  to any foe stood before it. Unfortunately the experiment took away his humanity leaving him just a mindless robot that only knows how to protect the village from any and all threats; leaving behind any friends and family he knew in the past.


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