Written Crit for Logo

nIV1N-y3_400x400            kaspersky-logo1-2

old                                     new

Walter’s updated Kaspersky logo:

  • original logo was bulky.
  • he sketched up multiple ideas to improve design.
  • he went into detail on what different parts of the logo meant and symbolized and came up with ideas based on that.
  • He looked at other anti-virus logos and tried mixing ideas together.
  • He kept all his logo ideas unique but also simple.
  • Had multiple “finished” logos.
  • Finally settled on logo that he felt best fit the company’s name and image.
  • Add a lot of research and attempts to work process when working on a logo.
  • Make sure everything is lined up and even when creating a logo
  • Overall, really well executed design process. If he can consistently  keep this process for every project he will make some really good designs in the future.


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