For my phenakistoscope I wanted show the transformation of different versions of The Joker as well as show the transformation of Harley Quinn. To help keep their heads the same size in each frame I  traced coins to keep a base structure. For Joker I used a nickel and for Harley I used a penny. With Jokers transformation I researched different forms of him and decided to make the transformation for his comic book look to his Dark Knight movie version of himself. (aka Heath Ledger). For Harley I wanted to show her change from a doctor to her villainous form that stands along side Joker. I outlined Joker with yellow and purple because they are his other main colors in his character; just like red and black are with Harley Quinn. In the middle I wanted to stay with the them of Harley Quinn so I chose to make an alternating black and white spade as well. Through this project I have learned how to slightly change a drawing multiple times to create an animation.

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