Mask Drawing


With my drawing I wanted to draw my mask as realistic as possible. I originally took the picture of my mask into photoshop and enhanced the contrast on it to help give it more shadows. When I started drawing I focused on getting the right dimensions on my mask so it would look as real as I possibly could and so I could draw my shadows on the mask accurately. I did well with the shading on my mask which helped give it depth. Overall I believe I did a very well job on this project; especially when you compare this to my earlier projects this year and see how much I’ve grown. One thing that I’m proud of is that I’m not afraid to draw real objects on a big scale anymore.

When I first came into the program as an artist I felt like I always drew well but I always lacked something with my work. One of the first things I learned when I got here was I would draw all my lines too dark which would take away the realism from what I drew. I also learned how to look at dimensions better and be able to transfer what I was drawing to paper. This helped me draw many objects better as well as people and their faces. Also before I got here I would only use pencil; now I can use not only pencil but as well as charcoal, paint, and also learned how to use a couple computer programs to help enhance my art. My shading has improved tremendously as well as my ability to capture realistic shadows. Looking at my mask I can see how much more comfortable I am drawing real objects. I was able to draw the object much quicker than I use to in the past, which gave me more time to focus on the shading of mask. I see how I still have room to grow but I also see that I have grown a great amount as an artist this semester.

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