clean chair

When working on this chair i wanted to put a lot of my effort into making the proportions of the chair as realistic as possible. I used a ruler to measure the real chair from the spot I was drawing at, which gave me extremely accurate measurements of proportion. While drawing the chair I really wanted to concentrate on atmospheric prospective. I did this by changing the shades of charcoal I used on the stripes; making the ones closer to the viewer darker and the ones further away lighter. After drawing the chair, I added its shadow on the bottom, using a shading technique with the charcoal to help give the shadow a consistent tone. From first using charcoal this semester to now, I believe that I have become much more comfortable using charcoal and much better at working with it. Especially when comparing my current work to my work at the beginning  of the semester when I struggled to shade and blend the charcoal and had a difficult time drawing straight line.


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