T-Shirt Design


This design is made in photoshop by using a picture that I took of my self in my football equipment. I wanted to make myself look as intimidating as possible, so I decided to turn the contrast up on the photo to have a darker shadow pour across my face. The shadow makes me show no emotion. I chose the phrase “Swarm & Punish” because thats our defensive motto on the Alfred State Football team. Since I play football I wanted to incorporate as much of it as I could. I also chose the skull to put in the background because that’s also our defensive logo. I wanted these two things to pop out so i changed the size of each letter’s font and also put the word “Swarm” on a diagonal line to create scale change. I also warped the the size of the skull to be bigger than my portrait and give the illusion that it was looking over me and straight at the viewer, creating a strong figure ground relationship. The white space in the skull allows to composition to breath.

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