Project 3

abstract-put-togetherMy goal for this piece was to bring real life objects into the realm of imagination. I wanted to use very intense and extravagant abstractions in order to convey such aspects of imagination. The original images were extremely bland and lacking life. I wanted to used crazy points, lines and planes to convey a sense of imagination in a very bland setting. The use of balance was also key to this piece. I wanted to make sure that everything was balanced in the image, such as the shapes and abstraction that are symmetrical on each side. When it comes to rhythm my piece keeps up a specific pattern throughout that makes for direct rhythm. My use of transparency is what truly puts my image together. The overlapping layers of colors and shapes make for an incredible piece and adds more depth to the abstraction. I used the term “ bring your imagination to life”, I want to bring forth this sense of exploration and open mindedness to those who may have a narrow mindset. I took pictures of empty spaces and objects with little attention to portray a sense of value in things that may lack meaning to the everyday person.

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