Imaginary landscape 1


On this project we had to combine 3 landscape images to make one. I ended up using 6. I used mountains to make the rocks on the side, a regular cliff for the background, a skull shaped rock embedded in the side of the cliff, a pool of lava to make the river of lava, an image of liquified molten metals being poured to make the waterfall of lava. I also put an orange sky backdrop for the partial sky that was showing originally. To make it look more realistic i blurred so parts of the rocks and cliff, as well as the sides of the river of lava. I also erased some parts of the lava to make it look like it was flowing around the rocks.

my other photo i used some of my favorite characters and had them sitting in a landscape. I used the new  Joker, Ron Burgundy, And Thad Castle. I used the blur tool and changed the shading and the light to make the characters match more and to make it look like some are closer and others are farther.

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