self portriat

My objective was to make my drawing look as realistic as I possibly could. I started by making the shape of my head. I did this to so I could make the rest of my facial features proportional to each other. Then I started to sketch lines to create my eyes, nose, hat, and mouth. I spent a large amount of time on sketching my nose, due to the fact that I struggled making noses in the past. I believe after spending so much time on it i reached my desired outcome for my nose. From there I started to do shading around my cheek, nose, ear, and neck. I tried to round the shading to go along my face and neck to give it a more three dimensional look to it. To help color the shirt, hat, hair I colored them with different shades  with my pencil then used a blending tool to help it blend together. To give my skin tone some color, i lightly shaded parts of my face and used my finger to spread the graphite out. I also curved the shade streaks using my finger to also help give a 3-D look to it. Doing so also helped give my skin some texture as well. Over all, I believe i reached my goal with this project.

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